Alien from Ugatog is a show created by Robinik Grimmgall. It is planned to be the second one released.


Alien from Ugatog is a show about a female wizard fox, Regina Foxtrot, who has studied about Ugatanians since she was a child and has finally found their secret hideout on Earth. Upon stumbling upon it, she gets a rare opportunity-- a task to protect and guard the future monarch of the Ugatanian Archies, Brook Myers, as he tries to fit in among regular Earthlings in everyday life. She accepts the task, and while performing her usual duties, now has a best friend of her dreams that she shows the ropes of her view of life.


Brook and Regina have gone through many different phases in their designs and characters, Brook more-so. Regina's first version was a weasel by the name of "Rebecca". Soon, she morphed into a fox character who he soon called "Regina" instead, inspired by a woman he knew with the same name. "Rebecca", in her weasel form, was turned in Regina's sister. Brook was originally a female-only "bird-alien" character who had a demonic form when angered and trouble controlling her emotions-- something she inherited from her father. It was originally an outcasted and uncommon occurrence among Ugatanians, something that earned Brook encaged isolation from her peers and mockery from her mother and her sister, Daniella. Aside from this, Brook was essentially the same character but went through different designs and names overtime before settling on "Brook".

Brook was originally going to despise his/her sister, Daniella, as much as Daniella despised him/her. They were going to have a mutual rivalry. Meanwhile, Brook's other sister, Latasha, was going to have a close connection with Brook, and after Latasha's death, her spirit would visit him/her. As well, Latasha's kids-- at the time, 3 girls named Selena, Nicky, and Chrissy-- were going to live with Brook full-time following their mother's death.

In the original storyline, Regina's boyfriend, Bender, was originally going to be Brook's boyfriend instead. Regina and Bender instead disliked each other. At some point, after spending an entire day together, they decided to instead become boyfriend and girlfriend, to Brook's fury.

The entire show went by different names, including "Regular Randomness". When Alien from Ugatog was first created, it was originally going to be up-to-date in terms of fashion and technology. At some point, as Grimmgall's fascination with vintage fashion, culture, and technology grew, he decided to overhaul all his current shows in the Grimmverse to reflect his tastes and have a retrofuturism feeling instead.





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